Project Scheduling & Information
Thank You for selecting renovationPLUS for your project. Please read the following terms for your project
prior to scheduling your (3) preferred dates and times. All start times will be by 9AM Monday thru Friday.
Typically we do not schedule to start a job after 1PM (small jobs only). Site access will be either someone over
18 at home during the scheduled project time, key or garage door code.
1) We will supply Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Low Sheen zero VOC latex paint for wall painting. Low Sheen is
a washable finish between flat & eggshell that will not "flash" should touchups by others be required at a future
point in time. There will be an additional charge for other Sherwin Williams products should you desire a
different finish.
2) If ceilings are added to the project, we will supply Sherwin Williams CHB flat latex - Extra White.
3) Colors to be selected & submitted to renovationPLUS  a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of your
project. Colors can be previewed at  OR see some local stores listed below should
you desire to pick up color swatches. Existing colors or swatches from other vendors can be matched as close
as possible with vendor information supplied by homeowner.
                                  Click here for     
 Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer
4) painting over darker colors or applying new dark colors will likely require an additional coat and special
primer in some cases that is not included in the base price and will incur additional fee. Multiple colors in the
same room will possibly incur additional material charges. I.E. a "typical" room will take approx. 2 gallons of
material, but a second color will add a third gallon. Depending on the accent wall color, that color could
require extra coats or even a special primer coat. Also requires additional cleanup time.
5)Homeowner will remove all pictures, wall hangings etc. from walls and all small nic-nac items, electronics,
and as much furniture as possible. We will move some furniture if necessary, however, we will use the most
care possible, but we are not movers and will not be responsible for the condition of your furniture,
rearranging your furniture, electronics, computers, televisions etc.
PLEASE IDENTIFY anchors, nails etc. that are to STAY/be reused
6) We will cover & protect all floors and furniture in the work area. We will remove our debris at completion and
will leave extra paint for the homeowner.
7) We will fill/sand minor nail holes and imperfections. Larger holes or wall anchors etc. to be filled may
require additional drywall repairs that are not included in the base price. Larger drywall repairs can be added,
but also may require additional trips to the project due to setup time, drying times, sanding, finish drywall coat
and will be billed separately if required. Owner will be notified of additional charges if necessary. Drywall
repairs will match existing as close as possible, but please keep in mind that the new finish has never been
painted and could possibly have a different "texture" or surface finish from the surrounding areas.

8) Existing conditions and/or unknown conditions can effect the finished project i.e. previous water leaks,
water stains, and may require additional work. Previous repairs, paint runs, drips, "roller ridges" etc. often can
not be leveled out without significant repair time. It is possible that some existing imperfections may not be
noticeable prior to new painting. Some of these imperfections may include drywall nail pops, drywall tape
issues, corner bead repairs, drywall joint issues (especially on tall entry walls) Some of these may be
repairable but can incur some additional cost.
9) existing 2 or multiple color rooms, rooms stripes, appliques etc will require additional work and charges
 and will possibly "ghost" without additional work / trip charge. There is most often a ridge left with stripes
 that can be removed - BUT will likely require additional trips & charges and is not included in base offer.

10) Base, casing, trim, doors & windows are not included but can be added.
11) two colors in same room will incur an additional $75.00 charge
12) Closets are not included but can be added.
13) New homes with "builder grade" paint might require additional material as these homes tend to absorb
more paint.
14) Additional rooms and services may be added. Larger scope of work can be created and credit the offer
purchase toward an expanded project total.
15) PLEASE upon arrival, identify the best location in your home for our crew to clean-up/washout  THANKS !!
renovationPLUS looks forward to working with you and your family on this and future projects.
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Sherwin Williams locations for color selections if necessary :
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