Over the years, renovationPLUS has worked on many newer, custom homes and have
uncovered re-curring problems. The projects on this page are primarily water problems. MOST of
these are due to poor original construction practices that should not occur in a home regardless
of the price range. Some could have been caught earlier with regular inspections and
renovationPLUS will inspect your home and provide your family with a course of action to
repair and eliminate the problems. A complete exterior inspection, trim and siding repairs, prep
and repaint with Sherwin Williams Superpaint - from as little as $1,200.00* (*varies per site
condition, home size etc.)
renovationPLUS invites you to review the following pictures and see if your home is showing
some of these similar features. Most of these homes are
only three to five years old !! We are a
Pella Select Contractor for all your window and door needs.
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Three year old $300,000 + home. Peeling paint at trim indicates water behind the trim.
Trapped water means mold an rotting wood - trim has to be replaced
Split trim, face nailed siding (voids your  warranty)
short pieces of trim or siding ? ALL are an open
invitation for moisture, water, carpenter ants and
termites. They all LOVE soft wood !
Improperly flashed dormer - interior ceiling damage - replace
decking, shingles, insulation, trim .....
Can you guess what
this is ? Not a clogged
artery, but almost as
dangerous . . .
4" dryer vent ! seven, count 'em, SEVEN elbows within the first three feet of the
dryer - almost 90 minutes to dry clothes with a brand new dryer - 5 year old home
Shrinking and cracked grout, poorly installed tile backer,
incorrectly waterproofed . . .  5 year old home. MAJOR MOLD !!
Seen Enough ? Believe you get the idea ! Just because you have a newer
home does not mean you can put off maintenance - there is no grace
period on preventive maintenance.
renovationPLUS a call and we will help your family avoid some
costly and even  dangerous conditions in your own home.
Bathroom vent fan
never hooked up !
all they grey stuff
in the insulation ?
yep . . .  MOLD
Broken /
deteriorated vent
fan duct - full of
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