Home Management Plan
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Your home is one of the most important physical assets you own. You probably have a
maintenance plan for your car and
maybe your heating and air conditioning system ? OOPS forgot
you had that one ? But boy your car sure looks good and runs great ! It's easy to take your car to
the dealership, but your house is so big and intimidating and you can't drop it off someplace to have
it checked out.
Now, you can "drop it off" with
renovationPLUS.  renovationPLUS  will help you maintain your
home. We will inspect multiple areas of your home, many common areas that we find repeatedly in
old homes
AND new homes inside and out and develop your plan of action. renovationPLUS will
prioritize your repairs/maintenance and provide you with a "shopping list" on the areas of your home
that need the most immediate attention, areas to monitor and areas to watch. We will also identify
the associated costs to help budget for "upcoming needs" or even work the items into an expanded
home improvement project.
renovationPLUS provides several of the area's top Real Estate professionals with inspection
report repairs for their clients. These inspection report repairs help our technicians look for some
items that are often overlooked by many homeowners. Or, worse yet,
ignored out of fear ! FACE IT -
For only $875.00*
renovationPLUS will provide you with a "to-do" list & credit 40% ($350.00)
toward your first project in excess of the discount amount. We will also send you reminders on
upcoming areas to monitor or address for two years. You only need to check out one of our other
pages "
Problems we fix for newer homes " to see how things can go wrong when left unattended. If
that isn't enough, send us an email - we have HUNDREDS of "problem" pictures from homes in the
area with the same problems. You are not alone !

* for a limited time
renovationPLUS will do a thermo-scan of your home for only an additional
$275.00 ! Identify insulation deficiencies, HVAC problems, water/mold issues . . .
 PROTECT YOUR HOME TODAY !!    Call or Email to arrange an inspection consultation